New Funding Advances GeoMatch in Canada and the Netherlands

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IPL’s GeoMatch tool, designed to aid immigrant integration and refugee resettlement programs, is headed toward pilot-tests in Canada and the Netherlands, with...

Learning from Refugees’ Preferences

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A new IPL algorithm for refugee resettlement gives refugees a say in the process while also assuring host countries that they can...

Matching People and Places

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Click through this illustrated guide to see how IPL is bringing AI tools to the world of refugee resettlement:  

Implementing the Algorithm

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See how we’re putting IPL’s matching technology to work in refugee resettlement pilot programs in the United States.        ...

The Origins of a Breakthrough Technology

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Follow IPL’s refugee resettlement algorithm GeoMatch from inspiration to implementation.                        ...

Switzerland Launches Program to Test IPL Algorithm for Refugee Integration

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Switzerland will be the first country to place asylum seekers in different parts of the country using artificial intelligence.      ...

IPL Work on Refugees Leads to Facebook Fellowship

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IPL data scientist Kirk Bansak has won a 2018 Facebook Fellowship in support of his work applying machine learning to the refugee...

Restoring U.S. Leadership in Refugee Resettlement

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Rather than close its doors and retreat from global leadership in the refugee crisis, the United States should embrace reforms that help...