New GeoMatch website coming autumn 2024
New GeoMatch website coming autumn 2024

We are a world on the move.

300 million people today live outside their country of birth.

We are a world on the move.

How can we help guide that movement so that newcomers land on their feet in places ready to welcome them?

Let GeoMatch show the way

Our tool uses machine learning to predict where people are most likely to thrive and contribute to their new communities.

How it works

First, information on past immigrants and their experiences is entered into GeoMatch, an algorithm-based tool.

This includes things like work history, education, and personal characteristics.

Next, GeoMatch finds patterns in this data, revealing how different places made people more or less likely to succeed.

Then, GeoMatch predicts a new immigrant’s probability of success at a range of locations within the destination country.

Finally, it recommends the best locations for that newcomer.

When immigrants move to places that are a good fit, they’re more likely to integrate into their community —

— making for better outcomes all around.