Join the IPL team at Stanford as a Postdoctoral Fellow

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Interested in contributing to our mission of advancing immigration policy worldwide? Read on for more details about our new position.    ...

The Census Citizenship Question: An Avoidable Controversy

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The push to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census provoked a nationwide outcry and a year of court battles. All...

Soccer, the Universal Language: IPL Study Goes Viral

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Soccer fans and media outlets worldwide shared an IPL study finding that star striker Mo Salah has reduced Islamophobia in the UK. ...

Learning from Refugees’ Preferences

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A new IPL algorithm for refugee resettlement gives refugees a say in the process while also assuring host countries that they can...

IPL Origin Stories: Salma Mousa

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IPL executive director Duncan Lawrence talks with graduate fellow Salma Mousa about soccer as a research tool, new motherhood, and her experiences...

Behind the Paper: A “Nudge” for Citizenship

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How IPL researchers turned a null finding into new insights on low-income immigrants and citizenship.              ...

IPL Origin Stories: Thomas Ginn

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In the first of a series, IPL grad student Thomas Ginn tells us about his journey to the field.      ...

Matching People and Places

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Click through this illustrated guide to see how IPL is bringing AI tools to the world of refugee resettlement:  

Implementing the Algorithm

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See how we’re putting IPL’s matching technology to work in refugee resettlement pilot programs in the United States.        ...