IPL Origin Stories

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In the first of a series, IPL grad student Thomas Ginn tells us about his journey to the field.      ...

Matching People and Places

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Click through this illustrated guide to see how IPL is bringing AI tools to the world of refugee resettlement:  

Implementing the Algorithm

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See how we’re putting IPL’s matching technology to work in refugee resettlement pilot programs in the United States.        ...

The Origins of a Breakthrough Technology

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Follow IPL’s refugee resettlement algorithm from inspiration to implementation.                          ...

IPL Recommends: Immigrant Stories in Books and Film

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Looking for some unforgettable stories to add to your reading list or movie queue? IPL faculty, students, and staff share the books...

Switzerland Launches Program to Test IPL Algorithm for Refugee Integration

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Switzerland will be the first country to place asylum seekers in different parts of the country using artificial intelligence.      ...

IPL Work on Refugees Leads to Facebook Fellowship

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IPL data scientist Kirk Bansak has won a 2018 Facebook Fellowship in support of his work applying machine learning to the refugee...

Empowering Refugees Through Human-Centered Design

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An IPL grad student works with the International Rescue Committee and discovers a new way to promote refugee integration.      ...

The European Left’s Wary Embrace of Muslim Voters

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Can Europe’s left-wing parties pursue Muslim voters without undermining their liberal values? A new book explores the tricky politics of minority inclusion....