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The Integration Index measures the degree to which immigrants have acquired the knowledge and capacity to build a successful, fulfilling life in the host society—not the degree to which they have shed their cultural heritage. Learn about how and why we developed the index and take a look at questions and coding rules. You can also download the original article and technical appendix.

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Six Dimensions of Integration:

Navigational Integration

For navigational integration, our measure captures the capacity to handle essential tasks in a host country such as seeing a doctor, addressing legal problems, and searching for jobs. It also evaluates familiarity with local conventions like traffic rules, paying taxes, and sending mail.

Linguistic Integration

For linguistic integration, our measure captures respondents’ assessment of their ability to read, speak, write, and understand the dominant language of their host country or region.

Social Integration

For social integration, our measure captures social ties and interactions with natives in the host country, as well as bridging social capital as evidenced by participation in organizations with fellow citizens.

Political Integration

For political integration, our measure captures understanding of the important political issues facing the host country and the degree to which respondents engage in discussion and political action.

Psychological Integration

For psychological integration, our measure captures respondents’ feeling of connection with the host country, their sense of belonging, their experiences of isolation from their host society, and  their wish to continue living there.

Economic Integration

For economic integration, our measure captures income, employment, satisfaction with employment situation, and the ability to meet different levels of unexpected expenses.