Behind the Paper: A “Nudge” for Citizenship

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How IPL researchers turned a null finding into new insights on low-income immigrants and citizenship.              ...

IPL Origin Stories: Thomas Ginn

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In the first of a series, IPL grad student Thomas Ginn tells us about his journey to the field.      ...

Matching People and Places

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Click through this illustrated guide to see how IPL is bringing AI tools to the world of refugee resettlement:  

Implementing the Algorithm

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See how we’re putting IPL’s matching technology to work in refugee resettlement pilot programs in the United States.        ...

IPL Announces 2019 Summer Research Fellowship

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IPL is expanding opportunities for hands-on training in problem-focused, policy-relevant social science research at Stanford. Apply now!  The IPL Collaborative Research Fellowship...

The Origins of a Breakthrough Technology

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Follow IPL’s refugee resettlement algorithm from inspiration to implementation.                          ...

Join IPL as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Data Science

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The Immigration Policy Lab at Stanford University seeks a new addition to our research team.              ...

IPL Recommends: Immigrant Stories in Books and Film

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Looking for some unforgettable stories to add to your reading list or movie queue? IPL faculty, students, and staff share the books...

Join IPL in Zurich

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Are you a PhD student interested in researching immigration and integration policy in Europe? IPL’s Zurich branch is looking to add a...