IPL Summer Seminar Series 

Throughout the summer, the Immigration Policy Lab (IPL) at Stanford University will offer a series of seminars open to Stanford graduate students and IPL affiliates.                

Join us for IPL’s first summer seminar series! Seminars occur on Thursdays from 12-1pm in the IPL conference room, located in the basement of Encina Hall West (616 Serra St.).

Participation is capped at 20 people, so please only RSVP for those seminars that you will actually attend. Lunch will be provided at all seminars.

Please RSVP here.

Seminar Descriptions


Geocoding and Mapping in R

July 19

Learn how to geocode addresses and localities, merge locations to subnational units, plot them onto maps, and create chloropleth maps. On the way, you’ll learn what Coordinate Reference Systems are, how to deal with shapefiles, and why not everything is better in Stata.


Advanced Qualtrics

July 26

Learn some Qualtrics tips and tricks to help your survey projects run more smoothly and effectively. Topics may include API Calls to pipe Qualtrics into Shiny, panel management, web service calls to automatically send gift cards, best practices for getting the survey done and managing the results, and speedy survey translation.


The Role of Political Theory in Policy Analysis

August 2

How best to integrate formal political theory with the identification revolution in econometrics.


Human-Centered Design to Boost Program Uptake

August 9

Moving away from artificial-feeling or intrusive treatments toward interventions that naturally fit with participants’ daily lives.


Science and Storytelling: Communicating Research to a General Audience

August 16

How can you get non-experts to understand and care about your research? We’ll present useful tips for translating jargon, incorporating narrative, and creating presentations that keep your audience engaged.


Survey Enumerators: A Practical Guide

August 23

Learn about some of the challenges and approaches in training, hiring, and employing in-person and phone enumerators.

Everything (Including Plots) is Better in Stata

August 30

A guide to using Stata for your causal inference and data management needs.