IPL Launches Summer Fellowship

The Lab is expanding opportunities for hands-on training in problem-focused, policy-relevant social science research.                          

About the fellowship

The IPL Collaborative Research Fellowship is a summer experiential training program that offers outstanding doctoral students the opportunity to actively engage in research projects with close advising and mentorship from IPL-affiliated faculty. The Fellowship supports students in learning and participating in the full scope of the social science research process: research design, grant writing, data analysis, writing articles, journal submission, responding to reviewers, and outreach related to publications. Fellows may propose a specific project of interest, or may opt to be matched to existing IPL projects, working in a close-knit environment that offers constant intellectual interaction between faculty, post-docs and fellow graduate students. In addition, fellows participate in regular training seminars conducted by second-year fellows on a variety of methods topics. Fellows often have an article or multiple articles emerge from this innovative summer program, and may have the opportunity to continue working with the IPL during the academic year.

Past fellows’ accomplishments include:

Publication in Science
Publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (forthcoming)
Restricted data access proposal submitted to National Center for Health Statistics
Co-PI status on a $20,000 Spectrum Grant
Restricted data access proposal submitted to the Census Bureau

Past fellows have worked on a number of innovative IPL projects, including:

Measuring the impact of giving driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants on traffic safety in California
Evaluating the determinants of attitudes toward refugees and asylum-seekers across Europe
Evaluating the impact of restrictive state immigration policy on the mental health of immigrants

Some of IPL’s current projects include:

Standardizing measurement of immigrant integration globally
Understanding Jordanian attitudes toward Syrian refugees and how to improve host community-refugee relations in Jordan
Evaluating the impact of naturalization on immigrant integration in New York
Optimizing vocational ESL instruction for newly resettled refugees in the U.S.
Evaluating a private co-sponsorship pilot program for refugee resettlement in the U.S.

Fellowship Terms

The IPL Collaborative Research Fellowship is a part-time summer experiential training program. Fellows are expected to complete the equivalent of one month of full-time work throughout the entire summer, but have a flexible schedule to accommodate their own independent projects, travel, and/or field work. Regular attendance at weekly lab meetings and training seminars is required while actively working. Fellows receive a stipend of $3,500.


Applicants must be currently enrolled doctoral students at Stanford University. They must have taken a minimum of two quantitative statistics courses, be familiar with causal inference, and have an interest in immigration policy. First- and second-year students are particularly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

The application form for the IPL Collaborative Research Fellowship can be found here. Applications must be submitted by March 31, 2017. IPL Collaborative Research Fellows will be announced by April 14, 2017. Please contact IPL’s Research Program Manager, Andrea Dillon  with any questions.