Mathis Herpell | Moritz Marbach | Niklas Harder | Alexandra Orlova | Dominik Hangartner | Jens Hainmueller

Amidst the Ukrainian displacement crisis, private hosting of refugees in Europe has surged, yet its impact on integration remains understudied. This research investigates the effects of private hosting on Ukrainian refugee integration in Germany. Utilizing data from one of the largest non-profit matching platforms for private refugee accommodation, we compare multidimensional integration outcomes of refugees matched with private hosts with observably similar refugees who applied for private hosting but were not matched. Our findings indicate a significant improvement in the social, psychological, and navigational integration of refugees hosted privately, with no discernible effects on linguistic, economic, and political integration. This study provides causal evidence on the effectiveness of private hosting in improving refugee integration, highlighting its potential to complement traditional public asylum reception and housing systems and to leverage civil society engagement for refugee integration during humanitarian crises.