Rachid Ben Maatoug

Research Associate
ETH Zurich

Email: rachid.benmaatoug@gess.ethz.ch


Rachid is a pre-​doctoral researcher at the Immigration Policy Lab. He supports the coordination, collection, and management of all project data for a large-​scale interdisciplinary research project at the intersection of cognitive behavioral therapy and refugee integration policy. Rachid holds both a BA and MA in economics from the University of Zurich, specializing in development and economic policy. Rachid’s main area of interest lies in applying quantitative methods to address complex societal challenges. In his Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, he conducted empirical investigations on a wide range of topics. His research spanned from analyzing the impact of wealth inequality on intergenerational common-​pool resource extraction behavior to exploring the relationship between the measurement of economic activity and well​being at the subnational level.