Niklas Harder

Postdoctoral Fellow
DeZim Institute


Dr. Niklas Harder is a postdoctoral fellow at the DeZIM Institute and a research affiliate with the Immigration Policy Lab at Stanford University. His main research interests are in the areas of integration and political participation. He also works on the evaluation of integration policy measures in Europe and North America. To do this, he applies current methods of causal inference to survey data as well as process-generated and administrative data.

Dr. Niklas Harder studied political science at the University of Hamburg, the University of Konstanz, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. He then received his doctorate from the Graduate School of Decision Sciences at the University of Konstanz. He specialized in migration and integration as a postdoctoral fellow in the Immigration Policy Lab at Stanford University. His research was most recently published in the  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)  .