Avidit Acharya

Professor Of Political Science
Stanford University

Email: avidit@stanford.edu


Avidit Acharya is a professor of political science at Stanford University; a professor, by courtesy, of political economy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business; and senior fellow, by courtesy, at the Hoover Institution. He works in the fields of political economy and formal political theory. 

He is an award-winning author of Deep Roots: How Slavery Still Shapes Southern Politics (Princeton University Press, 2018) and The Cartel System of States: An Economic Theory of International Politics (Oxford University Press, 2023). His papers have been published in both economics and political science journals and have received awards such as the Elinor Ostrom best paper award, the Gosnell Prize in political methodology, and the Joseph Bernd best paper award. He is an editor at the journal Social Choice and Welfare and an advisory editor at Games and Economic Behavior.

He earned a PhD in political economy from Princeton University in 2012 and a BA in economics and mathematics from Yale University in 2006. Before joining the Stanford faculty, he taught in the economics and political science departments of the University of Rochester.